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The Hoods4Heroes campaign mission is to raise money to purchase 500 particulate hoods for Fire Departments across Minnesota that cannot afford them. Each hood is over $100.

100% of the profits from this years golf event will be used to fund the Hoods4Heroes campaign.

Minnesota Firefighters Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization

After the Fire:
Arson investigators battle cancer risks after years of duty



Miami - June 2019

Grateful to the partnerships that this photo represents and the common mission that has demonstrated sustainable success because of the energy of so many amazing people, teams and organizations like The Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, The Firefighter Cancer Support Network, The California Firefighter Safety & Health Collaborative, The Florida Firefighter Safety & Health Collaborative, The Florida State Fire College, The Florida State Fire Marshall’s Office, The Minnesota Firefighters Foundation, and The Ohio Face Team to name a few.



Our Goal

Firefighter deaths are reaching epic proportions.

With over 7,000 toxic carcinogens being released in today’s fires, not only are on-scene deaths a cause, but the carcinogens being ingested are causing cancer in a high number of Firefighters, as well.

“Wear Your Mask” is a reminder to firefighters and community members about the importance of Donning Full PPE every time on the fire scene. Minnesota Firefighters Foundation (MNFFF) is seeking your help in protecting Firefighters in your communities. With a cost of over $1500-$2000 per Firefighter, smaller departments struggle to equip their Firefighters with adequate gear to keep them safe. Donate today and help us reach our goal of providing advanced equipment and tools for all Firefighters, lowering the risk of cancer-caused deaths.

On behalf of those who serve your community, we thank you for your continued support!!!!

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The 3rd Annual MNFFF Golf Tournament

and Help Save Firefighters’ Lives


Please join us at this year’s Golf Tournament on September 11th, 2019 to help reduce the number of cancer-caused deaths in the fire industry.


Each Year over 70 Firefighters die in the line of duty. Since 9/11 over 7000 Firefighters have been Diagnosed with some form of Cancer or a Disabling Health Diagnosis