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Golf Funderaiser 9/11/2019

Looking to participate in our golf fundraiser? 
If you are interested in playing and or sponsoring the Minnesota Fire Fighter’s Foundation 3rd Annual Golf Fundraiser being held on 9/11/2019, please fill out the contact form. We will provide you with more details shortly.

Firefighter group fighting cancer with specialized hoods for line of duty

By: Karen Scullin

RAMSEY, Minn. (KMSP) - As many take time to recognize firefighters and first responders on the anniversary of the September 11 attacks, some people are taking it a step further to help protect them in the line of duty.

While firefighters are known for battling flames, many face a different fight: cancer. The International Association of Firefighters says the disease has become the leading cause of line of duty deaths for firefighters - 60 percent will die from it.

“Houses burn at 400 plus toxins and the old houses had a lot less toxins in them, so they had to manufacture hoods that could block the carcinogens that could come in and protect the firefighters' head, neck and shoulder area from just those carcinogens seeping in,” said Tim Trainor of the Minnesota Firefighters Foundation.

It was just two years ago, the Minnesota Firefighters Foundation was organized after a Fox 9 investigation into the large number of firefighters battling cancer. The group now works to fight that trend.  

On Tuesday, players took part in a charity golf event to raise money to purchase the specialized hoods.

“They actually come over our masks, but they actually have barriers in them or fibers in them that allow for the carcinogens to kind of stop and not penetrate,” said Trainor.

Of the 723 fire departments in the state, about 80 percent are volunteer. It’s those volunteer departments that are the biggest concern.

“Larger departments typically have funding whereas the smaller departments aren’t writing a lot of grants or they’re prioritizing a lot of things ahead of this, I think it’s an educational or cultural shift,” said Trainor.


A growing concern...

With a cost of over $1500-$2000 per set, smaller departments struggle to equip Firefighters with 2 sets of gear, and gear washing equipment. Firefighter deaths are reaching epic proportions not because of on the job casualties but because of the inherent health risks (like cancer) of the job. “Wear your mask” is a reminder to firefighters and community members about the importance of Donning Full PPE every time on the fire scene. Breathing in over 7400 toxins present in a structure fire is a serious health issue for firefighters. Minnesota Fire Fighters Foundation (MNFFF) is seeking your help in protecting Firefighters in your communities. DONATE now, the proceeds will go toward providing advanced protective equipment and tools for firefighters each and every day. On behalf of those who serve your community we thank you for your continued support!!!!



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Hello Friends –
As you consider Giving to the Max today we are asking you to support the Minnesota Fire Fighters Foundation and our never ending journey to help prevent and raise awareness around cancer and the hidden health risk firefighters face. We know there are several great Non-Profits out there and you may already have one in mind. We would like you to consider helping those that freely help others in a time of need. 
The Minnesota Fire Fighters Foundation wants to continue to educate, inform and, help firefighters and their communities across the state. Any support you give will help us to help those that serve our communities in Minnesota.

Please click on DONATE and help a firefighter.


#TheWrightThing tour is a wrap!

Just finished up our #TheWrightThing tour today. Thanks to @Chris_Hawkey for supporting our cause! Thank you to Buffalo Fire, Monticello Fire, Clearwater Fire, and Delano Fire for your hospitality. (photos courtesy of @KellyKix)


Fire Prevention Week reminds families to 'plan two ways out'

Fire officials are spreading awareness and providing tips for families when it comes to developing a home escape plan. (read more)

Each Year over 70 Firefighters die in the line of duty. Since 9/11 over 7000 Firefighters have been Diagnosed with some form of Cancer or a Disabling Health Diagnosis