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MNFFF Golf Tournament Will Tee Off September 11th, 2021!

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On behalf of the entire Minnesota Fire Fighters Foundation organization:

As we continue to navigate through COVID-19 we have realized how important it is to help and support our Frontline Workers.  Will be Teeing Off this year on September 11th, 2021 to resume our annual golf tournament.  This past year has significantly impacted the Fire Departments across the state struggling financially and with recruiting volunteer Fire Fighters.  These Fire Departments need our help more than previous years.  With your support through donations and with our 2021 Golf Tournament we can  make a difference!
Stay safe and Thank You!
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Minnesota Firefighters Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization

Firefighter deaths are reaching epic proportions. With over 7,000 toxic carcinogens being released in today’s fires, not only are on-scene deaths a cause, but the carcinogens being ingested are causing cancer in a high number of Firefighters, as well.

Hoods4Heros is a reminder to firefighters and community members about the importance of Donning Full PPE every time on the fire scene. Minnesota Firefighters Foundation (MNFFF) is seeking your help in protecting Firefighters in your communities. With a cost of over $1500-$2000 per Firefighter, smaller departments struggle to equip their Firefighters with adequate gear to keep them safe. Donate today and help us reach our goal of providing advanced equipment and tools for all Firefighters, lowering the risk of cancer-caused deaths.

On behalf of those who serve your community, we thank you for your continued support!!!!

This weekend Minnesota Fire Fighters Foundation President Tim Trainor and NE Ambassador Derek Harren awarded Moorhead and Perham Fire Departments with new particulate hood as part of our Hoods 4 Heroes campaign.  It was an honor to be able to provide these departments with new protective gear in the battle against cancer.  Special thanks to all of our Sponsors who support our Golf Fundraiser on 9/11 which makes all of this possible.  Also a special thanks to Tate Mills and the MBFTE Fire Specialist for helping get the word out about the Hoods 4 Heroes application process.

Minnesota Fire Fighters Foundation President Tim Trainor awarded Bagley and International Falls Fire Departments with New Particulate HOODS as part of our HOODS 4 HEROES campaign.  It was an honor to provide these departments with new protective equipment in the battle against cancer in the fire service.  A special thank you to all of our sponsors who support our Golf Fundraiser on 9/11 which makes it possible to donate these Hoods.

“Each Year over 70 Firefighters die in the line of duty. Since 9/11 over 7000 Firefighters have been Diagnosed with some form of Cancer or a Disabling Health Diagnosis”