Tim Trainor / President

I am one of the founding members of the MNFFF.

After being on a medical team at work for 10 years I always was curious about the fire service. It took me 15 years before I went through the hiring process. It humbles me to be in the role of a firefighter but my bigger calling was always about giving back. Starting this Foundation with the team we put together showed me that we had what it takes to accomplish our team goals! If I had any words of encouragement it would be :

Go after what you’re passionate about and more importantly surround yourself with people who don’t make it about themselves. Great teams succeed because everyone believes in themselves and everyone has a voice.

Go Bears

Love everything about the lakes and being on the water.

Chris Adams

Chris Adams / Vice President

After what happened on that Horrific day 9/11, I made a choice to get involved in the Fire department. When I settled down I joined up and the journey began. I made it my goal to take a class every year to further my knowledge on the Fire Department. Giving back to the community and being part of the brotherhood that tackles any obstacles thrown at them.

I like to golf and go to my family cabin with my family.


Mark / Founder and Ambassador

I have been a member of the Minnesota Firefighters Foundation since the beginning when it was an idea we were floating around until today. The idea for the foundation arose from a video of how cancer has taking the lives of Boston firefighters and the effects on their families.

I wanted to be a part of this foundation as a way to give back to the fire service family I was a part of.

Favorite sports team MN Wild.

Spare time I enjoy hiking.

presten bean

Presten Bean / Treasurer

I’ve been a part of the Minnesota Fire Fighters Foundation from the very beginning. While serving on our local Fire Department we viewed Fox 9 segment on the hidden health dangers Firefighters face. It was mind blowing to learn about the real and serious health risk firefighters deal with and the aftermath that no one sees and rarely hears about. After the training, myself and a few firefighters began to brainstorm how to help firefighters and their families that will be or have been impacted by these health risk. This lead to the formation of the Minnesota Fire Fighters Foundation.

Outside of the Foundation I am spending time with family and friends.

Kelly Piller

Kelly Piller / Ambassador

I am a second generation firefighter, chasing the fire trucks as a kid and watching my dad perform such a selfless act for 28 years, I knew I was eventually going to answer the call. Only regret I have is why it took me so long to join the brotherhood. Better late then never.

I am always trying to find ways to give back to the community and help others and the MNFFF seemed like the right fit for me. This cause is so important.

My favorite free time activity is spending time with my family.


Jami / Ambassador

I joined the foundation because I love helping others and being able to make an impact in the lives of others.

Something people should know about me: I am a life long learner.. I love learning new things and being able to challenge myself to learn new things and help others along the way!!

Favorite activity would be anything outdoors: hunting, fishing, four wheeling, going for walks, etc.

Derek Harren

Derek Harren / Ambassador

I have been on the foundation since July of 2018. I joined the foundation to help educate Minnesota Firefighters on the importance of cancer prevention in the fire service and the steps that can be taken to promote a healthier cancer free profession. There are many small, easy steps everyone can take but just aren’t aware of, and it is part of my goal to promote these good habits to those around me for this to become a norm vs a taboo in the fire service.

My favorite sports team depends on the season, I’m a die hard Twins and Vikings fan.

My favorite activity outside of the foundation would be fishing or duck hunting. I also really enjoy watching my sons many sporting events.

george daiz

George Diaz / Ambassador

George Diaz is a member of the Hanover Fire Department and the Wright County – Special Response Unit. He joined the Minnesota Firefighters Foundation in early 2018 to help bring awareness of the occupational cancer risks within the fire service. When he is not gearing up to go on a fire or medical call, you can find George spending as much time as possible with family and friends.