In 2016 after a training on the Health Risk to Firefighters a small group of individuals felt compelled to do more for our brothers and sisters in the Fire Service.

This group met for the first time to understand what needed to be done.  All 5 founding members piled into a small room to try and get some understanding of how we could help pay it forward?  We all knew at that time there needed to be more focus on the Hidden Health and Cancer Risk firefighters faced.  It wasn’t long and in early 2017 The Minnesota Fire Fighters Foundation was formed.  Our mission was simple, to support firefighters and their families that have been affected by Cancer and other health issues due to their involvement in the fire service.

In our first year as a Foundation we quickly began planning our very first Golf Tournament.  At this point we wanted to raise funds to help support Fire Departments and their families.  The tournament was small but we were able to raise funds to give to families across the area and help move the foundation into the non profit we have become today.  From our first annual golf fundraiser we learned a lot and had a better understanding of what we wanted to accomplish and who we truly could be.  Determination, focus and many discussions brought on our main campaign.  HOODS 4 HEROES!!  This became the driving force in 2018 and beyond. We remain focused in our ongoing effort to give back every opportunity through our public appearances and fundraising events.  Hoods 4 Heroes is our drive to not only educate Fire Fighters on how to protect themselves, but to give them the actual tools and equipment to do it.

Hoods 4 Heroes and our annual golf fundraiser continues to grow with the help of sponsors and private donations. We will always focus on taking care of our brothers and sisters in the fire service through education and equipment to help mitigate the risk of  Cancer and other hidden health risks.  Your support and donations help us to help those that serve our communities in the great state or Minnesota!

From our entire growing organization we will work to be top of mind tackling this very serious situation within the fire service.