Minnesota Fire Fighters Foundation continues to pursue opportunities to better understand The Hidden Dangers within the fire service.  That is why we continue our journey and partnership with Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota.  Did you know there are 774 Fire Departments in the State of Minnesota? With content provided by the MN State Fire Marshal’s office. That department breakdown is as follows:  16 careers, 87 combinations, 359 paid on call, 308 volunteers with 4 unspecified. That makes Minnesota the 2nd largest volunteer state in the country just behind Delaware. With the only active human study on firefighters in the State of Minnesota, it is MNFFF’s job to help educate and reiterate the impact cancer can have to fire service members today as well as those future firefighters.

Our mission along with the study continues to be about understanding impact and affects of toxins in the fire service through our Hoods for Heroes Campaign.  With an average of 13,405 fires each year which includes structure fires, vehicle fires and other fires across the state, there are a lot of opportunities.  Providing particulate hoods to departments who cannot afford this type of PPE or have applied for grants and been denied.  These hoods are a minor step towards cancer mitigation and prevention.  Our hope is the human study will shed some light on this emerging issue for fire service members and families.  Cancer has become the number one killer of fire service member outpacing cardiac arrest in most recent years.

The University of Minnesota is the leader in carcinogen research and the leader in data-based findings for many different studies.  Our hope is to continue to advance the learning from this study to help further training opportunities, ensure proper care during the fire, after the fire (Decon) so that everyone can go home knowing they did their part to prevent bringing those carcinogens home to their loved ones.

On behalf of the entire Minnesota Fire Fighter Foundation and the Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota, we thank you for your support and continuing to support over 700 fire departments in the State of Minnesota.

For more information or if interested in learning more about the study.  Please reach out to Minnesota Fire Fighters Leadership
Tim Trainor – President

Chris Adams – Vice President

About the Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota
The Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota, is the Twin Cities’ only Comprehensive Cancer Center, designated ‘Outstanding’ by the National Cancer Institute. As Minnesota’s Cancer Center, our researchers, educators, and clinicians have worked to discover the causes, prevent, detect, and treat cancer and cancer-related diseases for all Minnesotans without disparity. Learn more at cancer.umn.edu.